Getting Messy; Our Annual Ceramic Christmas Ornaments

It’s become a tradition to get messy with clay and make Christmas ornaments for friends and family. This is all thanks to one of the most dedicated, knowledgeable, patient, and loving art teachers I know, Marcia Kauss. I was first introduced to Marcia during the fall of 2005, when I was very pregnant with my first born, Alexandra. It was my first teaching artist gig as the lead instructor- no longer an assistant- Kinze Elementary School. Marcia was the art teacher/sign language interpreter that my partner and I worked with. I spent 6 lovely years working with Marcia at Kinzie, but we continue to keep in touch. Every year along with her clay curriculum, Marcia would give us a hunk of clay to work with at home then fire our mini sculptures in her kiln. As an artist mom, I welcomed the opportunity to get creative and messy with my little ones!



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