SAIC Winter Painting Institute / Painting in Motherhood

I’ve spent the past 3 weeks experimenting- investigating how painting fits into my practice. I’ve painted on canvas, on panels, on cutting boards, and on bandaids… painting and scrubbing away layers of paint with hand towels, sponges and dish soap… adding dish soap to paint- rewetting and reworking surfaces. Now the winter term is over and my paintings are at home I will continue to rework surfaces, experiment with household products as paint additives, and document the process.

Some of the artists that I’ve been looking at this term: Kevin Appel, Lucio Fontana, David Carson, Agnus Martin, Jonathan Rosan, Kay Rosen, Robert Ryman, Eva Hesse, Alighiero E Boetti, Alberto Burri, Moholy-Nagy, Beatriz Mihazes, Carmen Herrera, Bridget Riley, Lisa Haller Baggesen, Candida Alverez, Sophie Taggart, Alan Kaprow, Mary Kelly, Duchamp, Rudolf Stingel, Amanda Ross Ho, and Chris Martin.

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