D.F. Mexico; Walking to Mì Abulita’s House 3’x3′

As an instructor at Gallery 37 I encountered many extremely talented students. This particular student was not in my printmaking program, but in the Advanced Painting program down the hall. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to commission a painting from her early on in her career. This is a photo I took while visiting my former in-laws in Mexico City with my children. My ex-husband would always reminisce about getting out of school and walking to his abulita’s house. The blue cross in the foreground is at the top of a shrine for the Virgin Mary, built by his tio. Years ago, when I gave him this gift (it was a surprise), it brought tears to his eyes. He hadn’t been home in years and said when he looks at this painting it brings him right back as if he’s there.

If there was anyone who could handle such a challenging, highly detailed composition, it was her. So here it is. Of course digital representation does not do it justice, but this will have to do.


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